Friday, June 19, 2009



Today seems black to me, always hoping for somebody maybe try to understand me. I always demand for respect, without me myself try to respect and accept others. Yes, life is given by Allah, Allah give me roads and paths that should I choose the choices. How easily life isn’t?

Understanding others means respect plus visualizing great and big circle of life so that we may see beauty in every little thing done.

Bulky burden I’ve taken, in the name of learner. Sometimes, tend to forget others and break up bonding by not contact as simple as asking for health.


GADOH express everything which emotionally could harsh unity but for me its tackle all races with respective culture and religion to really understand what actually important to be gained. Understand, not tolerant.

What do you think? It’s either two possibilities, nurtured since childhood or you get to know friends from other races closer, than you will really appreciate similarities and accept differences. Very significant.


Nice to learn new term of victim’s mentality and champion’s mentality. I believe a leader with vision has a clear, vivid picture of where to go, as well as a firm grasp on what success looks like and how to achieve it. But it’s not enough to have a vision; leaders must also share it and act upon it. But now, how am I going to be a visionary leader at the same time like a transformer in learning?


I’m muslim. My religion is my faith, and my faith is my life. What do I call this faith? The faith of believing that there is a higher power than I, and that the higher power created all of creation. The faith of believing in the innate goodness of humanity, and the immense capability of humanity.

The faith of believing in kindess, righteousness, honour and love. The faith of believing that this world is but one small one, and that there will be a next world. The faith of seeing the light of the creator in all things, at all times. The faith of knowing that in all creation are there signs of the creator, and knowing that the creator is in all things. The faith of knowing that the creator does exist, and that I submit to the will of the creator.


Am I a good muslim ALLAH?

As I had gigantic jahiliyah without scraping them off

I really worry of time left without meaning


I’m seeking understanding to be accepted and appreciated by LIFE

LIFE that will be the field of tests

Full pray and hope

The last breath with no regret but happiness



aiman said...

want 2 comment the 'Gadoh' part..
both understand and tolerant is must..try to tolerant other races or religion..if we tolerant..insyaallah most of them will understand about our religion..

based on my experience..mixed around with other culture and races..from childhood until now..

and i remember when i go to italy..especially venice..
hanya allah sahaja yg tahu perasaan hambanya..

live at the high school queite tough and thanks god they understand who am a moslem.

muhasabahkn diri kta..
tanggungjawab kta amat berat d pikul..

Wan Nur Shuhada said...

When you feel all alone in this world,and there’s nobody to count your tears, just remember, no matter where you are, Allah knows...Allah knows...

Watch this:

I'm quite disappointed that I can't b there when sum help is needed. Hopefully it(the video) could release ur sadness...

He could feel ur sadness...He is the only one who can bring u the light to happiness...of course u can simply share everything u want with Him...(^^,)

qudwaH_Humaira' said...

aiman :

GADOH is a movie contain unity among races. It's launched by KOMAS.ORG. Get more info there.

aiman, nice to here u had chance to be there..what do u mean by " hanya ALLAH sahaja yang tahu perasaan hambaNYA ?

qudwaH_Humaira' said...

wan Nur Shuhada :

Insya ALLAH..I trust on GOD will dear..

Saladin The Saracen said...

For me, every living leaders on earth learn a lot during their reign time. To be a visionary leader means, you can transform yourself in parallel with an on going, changing environment. But, don't let your guard down. As this transformation also will drag you out of the path to be a visionary leader.

In a simple words, stay firm with your stand, and finally for a muslim leaders, Al-Qur'an & As-Sunnah ne to be our priority.

A warm regards from Kuantan(^_^)